20th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner

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10.Oct.2021 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


2021 20Anniversary Logo

CREST has been serving faithfully as a faith-based disaster relief NGO in Malaysia and neighbouring countries for the past 20 years. CREST has been equipping and empowering the local community being the salt and light by reaching out and serving victims of disasters with love and passion. Over RM 8,038,261.85 worth of aid has been delivered directly into the hands of the survivors in over twenty countries through our relief, recovery efforts and sustainable livelihood programs. Anyone can be a blessing to the communities and extending your helping hands to others in this increasingly catastrophic, traumatic, hungry, homeless community.

After responding to the tsunami in India in 2004, CREST has been responding to disasters and carrying out humanitarian relief work. We have sent teams to the following disaster areas numerous times to provide relief, rebuilding, and sustainable development with survivors in the disaster areas:

  • 2004 Aceh Tsunami: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
  • 2005 Kashmir Earthquake, Pakistan
  • 2006 Bangladesh flood
  • 2007 Johor Flood, Malaysia
  • 2008 Typhoon Nargis, Myanmar
  • 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, China
  • 2009 Indonesia Padang Earthquake
  • 2010 Pakistan Flood
  • 2011 Japan's Northeast Earthquake & Tsunami
  • 2012 Typhoon Bopha, Philippines
  • 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines
  • 2013 Cameron Landslides, Malaysia
  • 2014 East Coast Flood, Malaysia
  • 2015 Nepal Earthquake
  • 2017 Sri Lanka Flood, Penang, Malaysia Flood
  • 2018 Laos Hydroelectric Power Dam Collapsed
  • 2018 Lombok, Sulawesi Palu Earthquake, Indonesia

This is the niche gap area of disaster response that CREST has to fill... to be the provider for physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Looking at our world today: earthquakes, famines and human conflicts have all dramatically increased; disasters whether natural, man-made or even complex emergencies often affect thousands if not millions of lives. As threatening as these events are to the peace and stability of the whole world, yet we still believe that we can do something small but with great love.

Looking ahead, CREST has to expand our manpower and volunteer database to prepare for the disasters and we therefore appeal for your kind support. To realise our task in Crisis Relief and to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we are organising a fundraising event on 29 February 2020 at the Ballroom of JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur. Tickets per table (10 seats) are priced from Premier RM 3,000, VIP RM 5,000 (free half page advertisement) to VVIP RM 10,000 (full page advertisement).

We hope that you will partner with us reach out to those affected by natural disasters.

Date: 10 October 2021
Time: 1900 - 2200
Venue: JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

We Serve,
Mr. Cheong Chee Keen
M: +6012-318 2018
Executive Director | CREST Malaysia

Rev. Dr. Ng Swee Ming
Dr. Yoong Sao Chin
Directors | CREST Malaysia