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IDRN 1300 - Community Based Disaster Response

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Length: 2.5 Days

Type: Classroom

Langauge: English / Chinese

Venue: Any Indoor Classroom / Hall

Prerequisites: IDRN 1100

Minimum & Maximum Participants: 20 / 40 persons

Training Fees: Write in


IDRN 1300 - Community Based Disaster Response (2.5 Day)

IDRN 1300 – 社区应灾 (2.5 天)

Introduction and Review


Module 1:  Vulnerability and Community Based Disaster Response

项目 1:社区灾害、脆弱及影响

Module 2:  The Local Coordination Centre

项目 2:地方协调中心

Module 3:  International Participants in Disaster Response

项目 3:国际灾难回应及参与者

Module 4:  Operating in a Disaster Zone

项目 4:灾区的运作

Module 5:  Conducting Disaster Assessments

项目 5:灾难评估

Module 6:  Basic Fire Suppression

项目 6:基本消防

Module 7:  Basic Urban Search and Rescue

项目 7:基本城市搜救

Module 8: Basic Flood Fighting
Exercise: Flood Fighting Scenario

项目 8:基本防洪

Module 9:  Basic Surface Water Rescue
Exercise: Surface Water Rescue Scenario

项目 9:基本水面救援

Module 10: Disaster Triage
Exercise: Triage Scenario

项目 10:灾难分诊

Module 11:  Relief Distribution Process
Exercise: Distribution Scenario

项目 11:救济品分发流程

Module 12: Humanitarian Collaboration

项目 12:人道主义合作

Module 13:  Humanitarian Standards

项目 13:人道主义标准

Who Should Attend?
- Individual above 18 years old, Family or Cummunity Leader whom attended IDRN 1100
- Interested to build a local response team

Participant who has completed this course qualified to join IDRN as member with a fees and individual badge will be issued by IDRN.

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