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Magway Flood

Magway Flood (1)


7 August, 2015 Heavy seasonal rains caused flooding in Myanmar. On 31 July, the President of the Union of Myanmar issued a statement declaring natural disaster zones in Chin and Rakhine states and in the Sagaing and Magway regions indicated that it would accept international assistance.

1.3 million

Critically flood affected people in July and August


People reached with food assistance


Cumulative number of households displaced

Figures according to NDMC as of 24:00 UTH 13 August 2015

Nu Nu Pan, one of our Disaster Relief Workshop student in 2013 and also a leader in Calvary Care Myanmar (CCM), has initiated a relief efforts by gathered some fund and a group of volunteers in Mandalay. The main objective for this effort is to send food supply to a remote area in Magway. Initial assessment has done by the local church and reported with 400 household in Hta Naung Khone village.

CREST Malaysia has released USD 5,000 to respond for this climate. CCM has raise 50 household emergency packs (contained of food, clothing and hygiene items). They has purchase additional 350 packs by borrowing money from friends and relatives. Each pack cost USD 10 included the cost of transportation.