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On 25 and 26 May, heavy rainfall brought by the southwest monsoon triggered flooding and landslides in 15 of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka. As of 31 May, about 630,000 people and 9,000 houses have been damaged according to UN Resident Coordinator for Sri Lanka. 6 clusters (Health, Food Security & Nutrition, Shelter and NFI, WASH, Education and Protection) have been activated in response to the local needs.

CREST received appeals from 3 local partners, and a relief and assessment team was deployed from 14 – 21 June for initial distributions and to conduct needs assessment with local partners.


1. Identify the areas for immediate needs and develop a logistics plan.

2. Distribution with local partners and authorities.

3. Situation report and future planning.

Team Member

Member: CK Cheong

Travel Events

Date - Event

14 Jun, 0630 - Check in at KLIA 2.

0930 - Arrived at Colombo and pick up by Thoumiyan and team.

1200 - Arrived at Alliance Development Trust (ADT) N6° 50.922’ E79° 51.954’ meeting with Raghu, Thoumiyan, Andrew and Paramesh.

1400 - Lunch at office

1500 - Visit to UN office at 202-204 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. Coordinator during this response is Mr. Alex Suwitra

1630 - Money charger (1 USD = Rs 153)

1800 - Next day planning and rest

15 Jun, 0630 - Wake up update reports and check emails.

0800 - Breakfast

0900 - Loading dry food packs to van and purchase local sim Dialog (+94 76 4212068) with Rs 449 for 1 GB data for days and 1 GB data for night valid for 30 days.

1050 - Depart to Galle

1329 - Arrived at Galle City and pick up Rev. Nelson from church of South India (CSI).

1447 - Arrived at Village Udugama N6° 11.902’ E80° 20.212’, the community is cleaning their house and local business has restored.

1536 - Lunch at Galle and goodbye to Rev Nelson

16:57 - Arrived at Vanapoluhena, Baddegama N6° 11.854’ E80° 14.396’ for distribution (see activity 2). Visit to families are badly effected by flood.

18:10 - Return to Galle for dinner and check in to Sealine Hotel.

23:25 - Lights off.

16 Jun, 0630 - Wake up update reports and check emails.

0800 - Check out, breakfast.

1000 - Arrived at Bandaragama and pick up by Pastor Sathees Kumar.

1227 - Checked in to Nilani Hotel at the City of Ratnapura N6° 40.883’ E80° 23.980, continue with lunch and situation update by the local.

1450 - Arrived at Palawela Village (See Activity 3).

1600 - Arrived at Thimiyawa Village (See Activity 3).

1650 - Arrived at Elapatha Village (See Activity 3).

1800 - Return to Hotel, dinner and celebrate birthday for a police officer whom following us during the distribution.

1930 - Debriefing.

2030 - Washing and rest.

17 Jun, 0600 - Wake up update reports and check emails.

0730 - Breakfast.

1045 - Arrived at Millakade Dhodampe (See Activity 3).

1200 - Arrived at landslides area – Ayagama (See Activity 3).

1340 - Lunch at Vijaya Resort Restaurant, N6° 44.399’ E80°13.990’.

1500 - Arrived at Eheliyagoda (See Activity 3).

1523 - Arrived at Dhoronakada (See Activity 3).

1700 - Arrived at General Hospital Ratnapura.

1900 - Prayers and debriefing.

2000 - Washing and rest.

18 Jun, 0530 - Reports, check emails & prepare sermon.

0800 - Church service

1030 - Prepare to go out

1218 - Arrived at Upper Amunutenne Division AOG Church (See Activity 3).

1536 - Arrived at Batugedara (See Activity 3).

1700 - Back to hotel for final debriefing.

1830 - Dinner at Pr Sathees’s house.

2000 - Washing and rest.

19 Jun, 0730 - Reports, check emails.

0800 - Received call form Mr Raghu, plan to Kalutara has cancelled due to …….

1400 - Arrived at ADT office and lunch.

1500 - Report and emails

1830 - City Tour

2200 - Rest

20 Jun, 0730 - Depart from office

0921 - Arrived at Thebuwana Tamil School (See Activity 4)

1013 - Arrived at Thebuwana Sinhala School (See Activity 4)

1112 - Arrived at Neboda Tamil School (See Activity 4)

1303 - Arrived at Mahagama Tamil School (See Activity 4)

1500 - Lunch at TBC Family Resturant

1720 - Arrived at ADT office, meeting with Godfrey and debriefing with the ADT teams.

1900 - Rest and clean up

20 Jun, 0645 - Depart from office to airport

0815 - Arrived and checked in at aiport

1800 - Home sweet home


1. Immediate Needs and Logistics Planning

Location: Alliance Development Trust (ADT).

Person in Charge: Raghu Balachandran
Contact Number: +94 11 551xxxx
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




15th Jun

Galle, Kegalle

Visit to affected sites, meeting with Pastors and Relevant people

16th Jun


Travelling to Rathnapura

17th Jun


Visit to affected sites, Schools and communities

18th Jun


Relief Distributions – 250 Dry Rations pack

19th Jun


Relief Distribution – 150 School packs

19th Jun


Travelling back to Colombo

20th Jun


Meeting with ADT and NEACSL

Update: Initial travel & distribution plan was drafted together with local partners

2017sk001 2017sk002

From left: Mr. Andrew, Thoumiyan, Paramesh, Raghu

Relief Dry Food Pack from ADT


2. Distribution and assessment at Vanapoluhena, Baddegama.

Location: Vanapoluhena, Baddegama N6° 11.854’ E80°14.396’.

Person in Charge: Father Jayasinhe

Update: There are 300 families in this village, major source of income is tea planting. There is a tea factory in the village. Distribution of dry food pack only for 40 families are badly affected selection has done by the local pastor.

2017sk003 2017sk004


3. Distribution in the District of Rathnapura.

2017sk005 2017sk006 2017sk007

Location: Palawala

GPS: N6° 38.803’ E80° 21.287’

Beneficiaries: 37 Families (Flood / IDP Camp)

Location: Thimiyawa

GPS: N6° 42.948’ E80° 18.047’

Beneficiaries: 27 Families (Flood)

Location: Elapatha

GPS: N6° 40.276’ E80° 21.986’

Beneficiaries: 57 Families (Flood / IDP Camp)


2017sk008 2017sk009 2017sk010

Location: Millakade Dhodampe

GPS: N6° 43.587’ E80° 20.149’

Beneficiaries: 52 out of 200 Families (Flood)

Location: Ayagama

GPS: N6° 38.270’ E80° 18.588’

Beneficiaries: 10 Families (Landslides)

Location: Eheliyagoda

GPS: N6° 52.050’ E80° 16.342’

Beneficiaries: 7 Families (Flood / IDP Camp)


2017sk011 2017sk012 2017sk013

Location: Dhoranankada

GPS: N6° 51.946’ E80° 14.949’

Beneficiaries: 28 out of 98 Families (Flood / IDP Camp). Food given will cook together.

Location: Upper Amunutenne Division

GPS: N6° 43.358’ E80° 31.650’

Church: Assembly of God (Landslides)

Location: Batugedara

GPS: N6° 40.535’ E80° 24.490’

Beneficiaries: 35 out of 645 Families (Flood)


4. School Bags Distribution

Before the distribution, assessment was done by ADT, local pastor and school principal. School kits are given only to affected famiies.

2017sk014 2017sk015

Location: Thebuwana Tamil School

Principal: K. Rajaratnam

GPS: N6° 35.384’ E80° 3.945’

Bags: 28 out of 512 students

Others NGO in this area:

People Bank – Exercise books

Lion Club, Hindu Society – Food packs

Location: Thebuwana Sinhala School

Principal: Kumarsingal

GPS: N6° 35.452’ E80° 3.274’

Bags: 50 out of 211 students

Others NGO in this area:

People Bank – Exercise books

Lion Club, Hindu Society – Food packs


2017sk016 2017sk017

Location: Neboda Tamil School

Principal: Sivarani

GPS: N6° 35.217’ E80° 6.393’

Bags: 20 out of 408 students

Others NGO is this area:

ADT – Food packs

Local Church – School Shoes

Location: Mahagama Tamil School

GPS: N6° 36.765’ E80° 10.820’

Bags: 40 out of 40 students

Others NGO is this area:



5. Health Assessment

Location: Rathnapura General Hospital

Update: During our visit, many dengue cases were reported. People died due to dengue fever, we went to hospital to check the status. At normal day, dengue cases are less than 50.

On 17 Jun, ward 11, 125 dengue cases reported and 90 cases were confirmed. At this moment, 6 wards have assigned for dengue patients. (125 is the number for 1 ward).

Hospital is running out of medical staff, equipment and everywhere you walk, you will see these pictures. Doctor Nishantha welcomes medical teams to help out.

2017sk018 2017sk019
2017sk020 2017sk021

All pictures are taken with approval from the local authority. Only for CREST’s documentations and reporting purposes.

Financial Reports

92% of the funds are directly delivered to the hands of the flood and landslides survival


1.       Medical Team – Medical assistance is requested from the hospital as the hospital is planning to extend the ward for dengue patients. Medical equipment and staff for dengue treatment is highly in demand at this moment. We can consider to deploy a medical team or helping the dengue patients by providing mosquito nets or sleeping mats.

2.       Food and Non-Food Items – Needs a lot of funds to provide for this. It is a short term operations but the needs are plentiful.












250 / 1,000






0 / 258






150 / 1,000






3.       Livelihood – Majority of the communities are staying in estates. They plant either tea or rubber trees. Damages to the tea plants and rubber trees is not significant.

4.       Risk Reduction & Training – Training on Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction with the local partners and community is on high demand. Flood in Sri Lankan is an annual event, providing tools and knowledges on disaster preparedness will be beneficial in the long run and progressively making a change in local community.

Submitted by CK Cheong
Date: 22-June-2017

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