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In November 2017, a flood hit Penang. The local churches seek assistance from CREST and CREST responded in clean-up and distribution operations at Zoo Road Ayer Itam, distribution of wardrobe furniture to residents of Taman Senangin Prai as well as donation of school tables and chairs to SJKC Chung Hwa 3, Prai.

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Pastor Vincent E. Olaer, Social Concern Director of Central Philippines Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (CPCSBC) attended the CBDRRM workshop in Iloilo City in June. Ms Feraz from APBAid and Ps Vincent had planned to conduct monitoring and evaluation visits to beneficiaries of recovery projects in Leyte in early August and invited CREST to participate. The beneficiaries had their rice fields damaged by Typhoon Haiyan and again last year by Typhoon Kaitak. Olivia joined Pastor Vincent and Ms Feraz and at the same time visited beneficiaries of CREST livelihood projects in Hernani, Tacloban and Cebu.

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