Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan (6)


Pastor Vincent E. Olaer, Social Concern Director of Central Philippines Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (CPCSBC) attended the CBDRRM workshop in Iloilo City in June. Ms Feraz from APBAid and Ps Vincent had planned to conduct monitoring and evaluation visits to beneficiaries of recovery projects in Leyte in early August and invited CREST to participate. The beneficiaries had their rice fields damaged by Typhoon Haiyan and again last year by Typhoon Kaitak. Olivia joined Pastor Vincent and Ms Feraz and at the same time visited beneficiaries of CREST livelihood projects in Hernani, Tacloban and Cebu.


CK and Olivia met with Ms Feraz Legita, Deputy Director of APBAid[1]/APBF[2] Philippines Sub-office on 30 April 2017 to discuss possibility of partnership in post Typhoon Haiyan recovery. In February 2018, an agreement was signed by both parties for CREST to provide capital assistance to existing livelihood and income-generating projects in 3 villages in Panay Island and for training in disaster risk reduction and management to key persons of CPBC[3]

1. To conduct workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management to key persons of CPBC

2. To visit beneficiaries at project sites.

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Our last visit to Philippines date on Dec 2016. Based on the last report, Omega Emergency Respond has returned to Mindanao for serving in the local community. Crest requires to follow up with livelihood beneficiaries after typhoon Haiyan and Hangupit.


1. Meeting u with new partners at Cebu - Baptist Church

2. To follow up the project in Tacloban: Pedicabs, & Freezer

3. To follow up the project in Hernani: Motocab & reach out to the locals for project in agriculture

4. To visit Pastor Noly (farmer) in San Policarpo, Eastern Samar

5. Optional: Balagawan for Seaweed Farming


Following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Hagupit in 2014, CREST Malaysia together with local partners have started livelihood projects in Tacloban, Leyte and Balagawan, South Leyte as follows:

1. 2 pedicab projects in Tacloban with Omega Emergency Response;

2. 1 tube ice making project in Tacloban with Omega Emergency Response;

3. Seaweed farming extension in Balagawan with Agape Rural Program, Inc. (ARP) under Cru Singapore.


1. Medical and evangelistic mission in Jipapad, Samar organized by Agape Rural Program, Inc. (ARP), 06 to 09 November.

2. Seaweed farming extension project monitoring and evaluation in Balagawan, South Leyte with ARP, 10 to 14 November.

3. Pedicab project evaluation in Tacloban, Leyte with Omega Emergency Response, 15 to 16 November.

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After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Hagupit in 2014 CREST Malaysia and our local partner Omega Emergency Respond, The Light House, World Harvest Fellowship, Agape Rural Health working together for livelihood projects in Bogo (Cebu), Tacloban (Letye), Balagawan (Sourthen Letye) and Hernani (Eastern Samar).

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After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Hagupit in 2014 CREST Malaysia and our local partner Omega Emergency Respond working together in livelihood project in Letye and Samar.

Project 1 – 10 x Pedicabs in Tacloban (Update by Omega 3 April, 5 Pedicabs have paid in full)

Project 2 – Pedicab beneficiary – Ramon extended his business to Micro Enterprise

Project 3 – Pedicab beneficiary – Mr. Merchol / Mark extended his business as pedicab spare parts supply and repair.