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Following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Hagupit in 2014, CREST Malaysia together with local partners have started livelihood projects in Tacloban, Leyte and Balagawan, South Leyte as follows:

1. 2 pedicab projects in Tacloban with Omega Emergency Response;

2. 1 tube ice making project in Tacloban with Omega Emergency Response;

3. Seaweed farming extension in Balagawan with Agape Rural Program, Inc. (ARP) under Cru Singapore.


1. Medical and evangelistic mission in Jipapad, Samar organized by Agape Rural Program, Inc. (ARP), 06 to 09 November.

2. Seaweed farming extension project monitoring and evaluation in Balagawan, South Leyte with ARP, 10 to 14 November.

3. Pedicab project evaluation in Tacloban, Leyte with Omega Emergency Response, 15 to 16 November.

Team Members

Leader: Olivia Chan from CREST
Treasurer: Jerial Chong from CREST

Travel Events

Date Time Activity Remarks
05/11/16 1230 Flight departs from KLIA2 after 2 hour delay.  
05/11/16 1730 Land at Cebu Mactan Airport with only 30 minutes to disembark, clear immigration and customs and check in for flight to Tacloban.  
05/11/16 2350 Board flight to Tacloban after 6 hour delay. Cebu Pacific distributed Jollibee fried chicken and rice twice and as well as cup noodles. Passengers were compensated with a complimentary flight, coupon valid for 180 days from date of issue.
05/11/16 0100 Arrive at Dr Bhaby’s house, overnight.  
05/11/16 0600 Singapore team arrives.  
06/11/16 0845 Depart for Jipapad. Luggage and goods went in army truck. Original passenger van has problem with shaft. Can't be fixed in time. Packed 16 persons into rented van, 1 into army truck, 2 will have to come the next day when the other van is fixed. Picked up Dr Ootie along the way.
06/11/16 1400 Visit army camp in Oras (Avenger 14) who is providing us security cover. CO briefed on security arrangements and prayed with the team.
06/11/16 1900 Arrive at Jipapad Barangay 4. A 5-minute paddle boat crossing to Barangay 1 basecamp. No mobile communications in Jipapad.
07/11/16 0600 Depart for Agsaman by motor boat. Staff from the local Rural Health Unit (RHU) joined us. It had been raining and the water level was high enough to travel by boat. Else we will have to trek and/or get off and carry the boat at stretches where it is too shallow.
07/11/16 0900 Medical clinic;

Dental clinic;

Children’s ministry;

Distribute eye glasses for long sightedness;

Distribute used clothes and toys;

Distribute toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers;

Screen Jesus movie at night.

CREST donated 200 sets of toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers.

Team members were assigned to share the gospel to the patients as they wait to collect their medicine.

Those who wanted the eye glasses were told to read bible verse to test their eyesight.

07/11/16   Overnight at Agsaman. The mayor was away and didn’t leave instructions for our accommodation. Eat, bathe, slept on the floor in the RHU (Rural Health Unit). The Avengers set up camp in the 2 buildings to the left, we were not allowed to leave the RHU unescorted.
08/11/16 0600 - 0830 Back to base camp by motor boat.  
08/11/16 0930 Medical and dental clinic; children ministry; distribution at Barangay 2 in the morning and Barangay 1 in the afternoon; screen Jesus movie at night.

Avenger 14 set up a haircut station. A few members of the medical team went to the army station to provide consultation to the army staff and their families.

CBDRRM workshop to the leaders of the 4 barangay and staff from Education Dept.

Olivia and Jerial conducted the CBDRRM workshop to 30 participants. Topics include disaster preparedness, barangay hazard mapping and forming an action plan. There was also a short video clip on CBDRRM project implemented by CDP in Bukluran.

Olivia to introduce CDP to Arnel Moscare, barangay DRR taskforce member.

09/11/16 0600 Depart for Cagmanaban by motor boat. Staff from the local Rural Health Unit (RHU) joined us.

Medical clinic;

Dental clinic;

Children’s ministry;

Distribute eye glasses for long sightedness;

Distribute used clothes and toys;

Distribute toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers;

Screen Jesus movie;

Haircut by Avenger 4.

09/11/16 2000 Team debriefing. CO came to thank, encourage and pray for us.  
10/11/16 0400 6 team members depart for Tacloban by commercial van due to insufficient space in the other van. The rest depart at 0900. Olivia and Jerial were in the commercial van.
10/11/16 0900 Arrive at Tacloban, check in to Dr Bhaby’s house to wait for the rest.  
10/11/16 1900 Depart for Balagawan.  
10/11/16 2200 Arrive Balagawan. Check in to basecamp, Beach House.  
11/11/16 1000 - 1230 Visit San Pedro Island, a marine park which has potential for snorkeling and diving tourism.  
11/11/16 1400 - 1800

Medical and dental clinic; youth ministry.

12/11/16 0830 - 1000 Disaster preparedness talk to villagers waiting for medical clinic to start. Conducted by Olivia and Jerial.
12/11/16 1130 - 1430 Visit by BFAR-8 Coordinator. While helping out at the pharmacy, Olivia and Jerial were called to meet with Vicenta, BFAR-8 Coordinator. Visited Blessida’s seaweed nursery together. Vicenta is pleased with the progress of the seaweed farm. All 3 adjourned to help out at the medical and dental clinics until late evening.
13/11/16 1900 Thanksgiving dinner and hand-over cash sponsorship to beneficiaries.  
14/11/16 0830 - 1230 Project review and team building workshop for beneficiaries. Conducted by Beth, assisted by Olivia & Jerial
14/11/16 1600 - 1900 Travel from Balagawan to Tacloban CREST hosted thanksgiving dinner with team and Tacloban host family
15/11/16 1200 Lunch meeting with Niel & Ronel from Omega Omega has closed operations in Tacloban. Niel is finalising movement of all Omega assets back to Mindanao. Collyn will forward project accounts and report to CREST. Niel will forward the pedicab agreement after being signed by Ramone.
16/11/16 1300 - 1600 Visited Mark & Ramone at their homes Mark has no definite plans when his construction job ends. Donated P2000 for his children’s schooling needs.

Niel has not collected the pedicab sent for refurbishing. Ramone is still working at the construction site and renting out the first unit of pedicab.

Manilyn’s application to PLAN International for a small refrigerator has been approved. Since we did not give her prior notice of our visit, we did not collect the payment from her although she asked about it.

16/11/16 1900 - 2000 Flight from Tacloban to Cebu Meeting with Salma, collected P25,000 from sale of the empty container.

Niel informed that he had taken back the pedicab and sent to another workshop. The work has been completed and the pedicab has been delivered to Ramone.

17/11/16 0700 - 1100 Flight from Cebu to KLIA2  


2016ph016 2016ph017
Oras - Visit to army camp who will provide security covering while we are in Jipapad. Jipapad - The river water level is high enough for boats, else we will have to walk to the villages to conduct the clinics and do distribution.


2016ph018 2016ph019
Brgy. Agsaman, Jipapad – Fitting slippers donated by CREST. Brgy. 1 Poblacion, Jipapad – CBDRRM workshop for representatives from the 4 barangays at the village gym.


2016ph020 2016ph021
Balagawan – Talk on disaster preparedness to villagers waiting for medical clinic to start. Balagawan – With Vicenta, BFAR-8 Coordinator, and beneficiary, Blessida and husband at their seaweed nursery.


2016ph022 2016ph023
Balagawan – Thanksgiving dinner and hand-over cash sponsorship to beneficiaries. Balagawan – Team building activity with beneficiaries of seaweed farming project.



1. Medical missions with ARP and Cru Singapore. To continue to participate in their medical missions as it is a suitable platform for exposure and training for CREST volunteers.

2. Balagawan Seaweed Farm Project. The farm extension project ends in March 2017. Recommended to ARP and Cru Singapore to explore the following areas in which CREST can partner with them:

a) Water supply project. Villagers had identified the need for a proper system to manage their water supply which comes mainly from fresh water springs. CREST recommended to them to start small with simple rainwater harvesting at home then only to install communal water storage tanks at a later stage.

b) Implement System for Disaster Preparedness and Response. Currently, there is no system for disaster evacuation and response. The villagers only know that the village school can be used as an evacuation center.

c) Implement CBDRRM. Due to its geographical location, the village is very vulnerable to typhoons and storm surge. DRR is essential for them to be able to cope with the destruction caused by such natural disasters so that they do not have to depend totally on external aid for recovery.


Submitted by Olivia Chan
15 February 2017

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