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2017 LIVELIHOOD FOLLOW UP (30 – 7 MAY) Featured

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Our last visit to Philippines date on Dec 2016. Based on the last report, Omega Emergency Respond has returned to Mindanao for serving in the local community. Crest requires to follow up with livelihood beneficiaries after typhoon Haiyan and Hangupit.


1. Meeting u with new partners at Cebu - Baptist Church

2. To follow up the project in Tacloban: Pedicabs, & Freezer

3. To follow up the project in Hernani: Motocab & reach out to the locals for project in agriculture

4. To visit Pastor Noly (farmer) in San Policarpo, Eastern Samar

5. Optional: Balagawan for Seaweed Farming

Team Member

Leader: CK Cheong
Logistics: Augustine Tan
Crest Staff: Olivia Chan

Travel Events

30 April, 1030 - Gather and check in at KLIA 2.

1545 - New local sim card has purchased due to the previous sim card has overdue (4 months life span if without any top up). P 400 for 1 week unlimited data and P 100 for voice.

1600 - Meeting with Feraz Legita from Asia Pacific Baptist Aid and Centre Region (Visayas) Baptist Conventional at Cebu Airport.

1700 - Proceed back to International arrival hall for hotel shuttle service.

1830 - Arrived at Eloisa Royal Suites Hotel, meeting with Elizabeth over dinner, project manager for Seaweed Project at Balagawan.

2200 - Meeting ended and closing prayer from Olivia.

1 May, 0400 - Olivia check out from hotel and return to KL at 7.05am.

1000 - Meeting with Salma Perocho, she was handled our import containers and warehouse in Cebu during typhoon Haiyan.

1200 - Check out and short city tour and proceed to airport at 4pm.

1830 - Depart to Tacloban.

1920 - Arrived at Tacloban and pick up rent car (Toyata Wigo) from Haven’s Tourist Tranport Service with P 1,800 per day, normal price is P 2,000. Thanks to Elizabeth assisted on negotiation during morning.

2200 - Check in at Go Tacloban Hotel. Debriefing.

2 May, 0600 - Wake up, check out and depart from Tacloban to avoid the rush hour.

1050 - Arrived at Hernani.

1200 - Meet up with Pastor Samuel and lunch together at his house.

1430 - Meet tricycle beneficiary, Mr Noel and we visited his house. Noel, his wife and his one year old son joined the briefing.

1515 - Aquaponic presentation by Pastor Augustine, and follow by Q&A session.

1645 - Presentation ended, CK continue fellowship with Noel and his wife about the tricycle.

1745 - Pastor Samuel drive us to fish market, farms, new municipal office, new high school where the old high school has totally damage and relocated to new location.

1900 - Dinner at Pastor Samuel’s house with his wife and daughter.

2030 - Finalizing on tricycle, feedback, planning and implementation of aquaponics. Debriefing of the meeting for the day.

2115 - Lights out.

3 May, 0700 - Breakfast at Pastor Samuel’s house and his wife.

0939 - Discussion with the villages whom interested to start a demo unit in the church.

1045 - Discussion ended with prayers. Team proceed to San Poricarpo.

1300 - Arrived at San Poricarpo, meeting with Pastor Noly and his family.

1430 - Depart from San Poricarpo

1745 - Arrived at Borongan City, dinner and check in at Hotel Dona Vicenta due to darkness has come. Not safe to travel at night.

2100 - Lights out.

4 May, 0730 - Free breakfast at hotel

0815 - Depart from Borongan

1105 - Meeting with Ramon & his family (Pedicab and Freeze livelihood beneficiary)

1300 - Proceed to Robinson Mall Tacloban for lunch

1345 - Depart from Tacloban to Balagawan, Silago

1615 - Arrived at Balagawan, Payag (house near the beach) committee house from the seaweed farmers. N10° 27.795’ E125° 11.230’. Discussion with Elizabeth about alternate livelihood.

5 May, 0800 - Breakfast

0830 - Heading to town centre at Municipal Hinunangan

0900 - Purchased materials to build lobsters cages from Sts. Peter & Paul Multi-purpose Cooperation Hardware shop located at N10° 23.686’ E125° 12.013’.

1040 - Brunch

1200 - Making 2 cages from purchased materials, put into the sea.

1800 - Dinner

1900 - Sharing God’s words by Augustine

2000 - Seaweed committees meeting

2145 - Lights off

6 May, 0700 - Breakfast; morning devotion with local group

0900 - Balagawan – Tacloban

2200 - Meeting with Salma and Salvador at Ace Penzionne Hotel

1830 - Tacloban - Cebu

7 May, 0705 - Cebu – KLIA 2


1. Livelihood – Transportation, Tricycle

Location: World Harvest Fellowship (WHF), Hernani, Eastern Samar.

Person in Charge: Pastor Samuel G. Aberia, Jr.
Contact Number: +63 927 732xxxx
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Background: Pastor Samuel started the tricycle on November 2016 with Mr Noel Cabanillas married with one child. The church is responsible to collect 30% from the total income weekly basis.

Update: Up to end of April, the church has collected P 3,386 the 30% of the total income. 3 months after the tricycle on the road, the bearing from the wheel located at the side car has total damaged without any accident. The mechanic found the bearing was the old bearing when the side car manufacture deliver the tricycle.

2017ph001 2017ph002

The replacement cost of P 6,000 has become a burden to Noel and his family. Additional, Noel is keeping his pay to the church even when his is working in farm or working in ministry for the church. The amount of money is from his wife where his wife is working for a Germany base NGO ending on May 2017.

CK Cheong and Pastor Samuel have agreed to share the replacement cost (P 3,000) for the bearing form the money that we have collected.

2. Livelihood – Aquaponic Farming

Location: World Harvest Fellowship (WHF), Hernani, Eastern Samar.

Person in Charge: Pastor Samuel G. Aberia, Jr.
Contact Number: +63 927 732xxxx
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update: Aquaponic presentation has done by Pastor Augustine Tan to 29 participants from different Barangays, farmers, fisherman, church members and an ex-mayor for municipal Hernani. 12 of them have registered or willing to learn more.

2017ph003 2017ph004

After discussion with Pastor Samuel and Augustine, Crest will help to fund the demo set in the church when:-

a. Anyone has signed up as member must cooperate with Pastor Samuel (Leader) to plan, survey the local materials and budget must be summited to CREST for approval before August 2017.

b. The members must ready to face challenges and failures

c. All members must keep this project as confidential until it become successful.

d. All glory to God.

Members for Aquaponic Project

1. Venancio Pagaduan, Sr.
2. Noel Cabanillas
3. Dionesio Norte
4. Julio Gloria
5. Ramir Lozada
6. Eduardo Candido
7. Melchor Larioque

8. Pablo Gayoso
9. Lee Magno
10. Zherin Cabanillas
11. Mamerto Cordero
12. Alice Almeda
13. Ruben Barcial
14. Ptr. Samuel Aberia



3. Livelihood – Agriculture

Location: Alogan, San Policarpio, Eastern Samar.

Beneficiary: Pastor Noly.

Background: Pastor Noly is a farmer received our agriculture seeds worth of P 15,000 during Typhoon Hagupit back in Dec 2014 (refer to report dated on 16-27 Dec 2014).

Update: In April 2017, he has an accident during his family time. He has fractured his right leg and it may causes him not able to work for the next 1 year. He has 4 acres of land for farming however only 10% is utilized.

4. Livelihood – Transportation, Pedicabs and Ice Cube Making

Location: Ridge View Housing Project, Cabalawan, Tacloban (Pedicab Driver – Ramon Verzosa)

Background: Ramon Versoza has accepted as micro entrepreneur in Pedicab renting business since July 2016. CREST has provided 2 pedicabs for Ramon one marked as blue started during July 2016 and another marked as RED delivered on 19 Nov 2016 by Neil.

Update: Mr Ramon is still working as a contraction worker with P 300 a day. However, the payment from the main contractor has delay for a week. His wife, Marilyn Versoza is running the pedicabs rental and ice candy business. She has extended the business on soft drink and prepaid cell phone reload services.

2017ph005 2017ph006

Livelihood provided by Crest is P 15,740.00 for a Panasonic Freezer, Model NR-A8013FTG has fully paid to Omega dated on 19 August 2016.

Pedicabs Rental:

Blue (Peso)

Red (Peso)

July 2016



August 2016



September 2016



October 2016



November 2016



December 2016



January 2017



February 2017



March 2017



April 2017



Total (Peso)



10% to CREST



Total Received by CREST on 4 May 2017




5.       Livelihood – Seaweed Farming

Location: Barangay Balagawan, Silago.

Person in Charge: Dr Elizabeth Santillan
Contact Number: +977 981 033 xxxx
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Background: CREST has funded and partnership with the local community for the extension of the seaweed project base on following


Contributions (Poses)

1. CREST – Malaysia


2. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR8)


3. Community / BSWGA

25,000.00 & Labour cost



*Please see attachment (Agape Rural Health – Seaweed.pdf) in more detail

Update: During the meeting, the seaweed community is happy when they received news about CREST is funding the project. At the same time, they feel fear because of the responsibility is on their shoulders.

They reported on 10th November 2016, they have started their planting, however they is no harvest due to strong sea waves. Lesson learned, the community has decided NOT to plant from November until end of March.

As per now, there are 3 batches of planting in the sea.

Date (Planted)


Estimated Harvest


Estimated Harvest


Estimated Selling Price P20 (Dry)

19 April 2017

500 kgs

3,000 kgs

600 kgs

P 12,000

26 April 2017

613 kgs

3,678 kgs

735 kgs

P 14,700

04 May 2017

672 kgs

4,032 kgs

806 kgs

P 16,612

Total Income 2 Months After Planted

P 43,312


2017ph007 2017ph008

While waiting for the seaweed to grow, we have built two cages for lobster trap. Life lobsters is selling at 1,500 per kilogram and dead lobster is selling at 300 per kilogram. We have invested P 1,190 for the two cages, materials purchased from STS Peter & Paul Multi-Purpose Cooperation Hardware at Hinunangan, Southern Leyte (N 10° 23.686’ E 125° 12.013’). This investment is paid from the collection from the Pedicabs livelihood in Tacloban.

6.       Livelihood: Piggery

Location: Arapal, Cebu.

Person in Charge: Salma Perocho
Contact Number: +63 917 324 xxxx
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Background: Salma is actively involved in logistics with since typhoon Haiyan. She helped CREST in custom declaration, land logistics, warehousing and human resources when we send containers to Cebu for typhoon relief. Now, she is working with an American NGO for children feeding program in Arapal.

Update: Salma knows we are providing livelihood for typhoon Haiyan survivals. She has proposed to CREST for piggery project in Arapal, Northern Cebu. There will be 2 beneficiaries Gemma Cabarles and Salma Perocho to kick start the project.

11 heads existing pigs x 5000.00 for 3-4mos feeds =  Ph 55,000.00
5 heads additional pigs x 2500.00 (piglets capital) = Ph 12,500.00
5 heads existing pigs x 5000.00 for 3-4mos feeds = Ph 25,000.00
TOTAL Ph 92,500.00

Gemma and Salma will agree to pay the borrowed money after the pigs are harvested. They intentionally have it 2 weeks gap, like the first 5 piglets are 2 weeks older than the second batch. If the proposal has approved, the 3rd batch of piglets will be 2 weeks younger. 3-4 months old pig can sell more than Ph 10,000.




1.       Livelihood – Transportation, Tricycle (budget)

Suggestion: Hold for 3 months review the current tricycle income


2.       Livelihood – Aquaponic Farming

Suggestion: Wait for the local community budget and findings


3.       Livelihood: Piggery

Suggestion: Let’s start from food for the 11 existing pigs


4.       BDR Training for Partners

Date: October 2017

Venue: Cebu

Target Group: Omega, Baptist Conventional, World Harvest, Agape Rural Health (max 25 participants)

Trainers: 4 from Malaysia




Cash with Omega


Collection from Freezer


Training: Eastern Samar




Submitted by CK Cheong
Date: 15-May-2017

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