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Following the joint assessment conducted by CREST, Yayasan Sin Chew, Fo Guang Shan and Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia on 6 December 2018, the commitment was made to build 390 transitional shelters in Jono Oge, Sigi and in Balaesang, Dongala.


1. To provide status report on the transitional shelters.

2. To conduct assessment with the survivors for possible livelihood project.

Team Members

Team Leader : CK Cheong
Treasurer : Cecilia Su
Travel Logger : Jennifer Lee

Travel Events

25 Jan 2019

1130 - Meet up at Old Town White Coffee KLIA2.

1400 - Depart from KLIA2 for Makassar, 3 hour flight. 

1528 - Arrive at Makassar airport, purchase local SIM card at airport for Rp125,000 for 5GB and Rp135,000 for 10GB per week.

1805 - Depart for Pesonna Hotel, Makassar

1856 - Arrive at Pesonna Hotel (S 5°9.158, E 119°24.907). Toll and taxi fare is Rp225,000.

1930 - Dinner at Grind & Pull Coffee Artisan (S 5°9.081, E 119°24.864) and debriefing.

2100 - Back to base.

26 Jan 2019

0740 - Depart for Makassar Airport from Hotel Pesonna. 

0808 - Arrived at Makassar Airport. Rp100,000 through Go Car Service from the hotel reception.

1000 - Depart for Palu, 1 hour flight time.

1116 - Arrive at Palu Airport.

1127 - Meet up with Mr. Deky Junaedi and lunch at Pangsit Mie Malei (S 0°54.00, E 119° 53.126). Situational briefing for the team.

1317 - Visit MBS base camp (S 0° 53.826, E 119°53.126) to check on the water filter installation.

1400 - Visit Juno Oge, and Petobo, Sigi (S 0° 56.288, E 119° 54.158), Barnabas Fund sponsored Transitional Shelter (S 1° 0.526, E 119°56.595) and other places.

1744 - Dinner at RM Sidrap (S 0°56.288, E 119°54.158) and debriefing.

1903 - Arrive at Rajawali Inn (S 0°53.959, E 119°52.524).

27 Jan 2019

0800 - Breakfast at Rajawali Inn.

0840 - Depart for Joko Orge.

0922 – Arrive at Joko Orge.

1000 - Worship service and lunch at Gereja Bala Keselamatan, Jono Oge with Salvation Army (S 0°58.579, E 119° 54.624) .

1250 - Depart for shelter inspection funded by CREST.

1500 - Depart for Dongala, the earthquake epicenter.

1518 - Coffee break at KPK Coffee Dg. Maman (S 0°53.894, E 119° 51.955).

1550 - Continue with journey.

1610 – Arrive and meet up with Ms. Vio, Pantai Tanjung Karang, Dongala. In total, there are 956 houses, 200 to 300 houses totally damaged or partially damaged. This village is divided into RT 1 to RT 10. RT 6 to 10 have the highest number of damaged houses. The Government is building 100 transitional shelters in a community area. However the survivors are not willing to stay in these shelters because they felt that they are shaky, lacks privacy and away from their source of livelihood.

1819 - Head back to Palu.

1945 - Dinner at Mie Garing Sulawesi (S 0°55.126, E 119°53.457).

2100 - Back to base.

28 Jan 2019

8000 - Breakfast at Rajawali Inn.

0935 - Depart for Kulawi.

0950 - Stop at BCA (S 0°55.265, E 119° 53.085) to buy local currency.

1049 - Brother Jacob checks in at Permata Guest House.

1057 - Depart for Kulawi.

1327 - Arrive at Kulawi MBS Base Camp (S 1°26.503, E 119°59.104), met with Pak Joko for lunch.

1445 - Visitation to surrounding transitional shelters.

1458 - Reached the first unit at Dusun 3.

1723 - Back to base.

2000 – Debriefing.

29 Jan 2019

0840 - Depart for Dusun 1 and 3 to experience and learn the process of building a transitional shelter.

1028 - Assessment with the locals on vanilla pods production. 

1115 - Back to base for lunch.

1203 - Depart for Palu. Make a quick stop at Balai Keselamatan Salua (S1° 20.828, E 119° 57.976) to distribute 75 sets of stationery and 1 jar of chocolate bars to the primary school children.

1500 - Reached Permata Guest House (S 1° 20.828, E 119° 57.977).

2200 – Rest.

30 Jan 2019

0800 - Depart for airport.

1150 - Palu to Makassar.

1730 - Makassar to Kuala Lumpur.

2200 - Team dismissed at KLIA.


1. Transitional Shelter

Location: Jono Oge
Transitional Shelter: 140 units
Status: Phase 1

Transitional Shelter funded by CREST at Juno Oge, Dusun 5:

2019id001 Unit 1 (S 0°58.642, E 119° 54.343) belongs to Marson Takro, a pig farmer. He is comfortable staying in the newly built shelter. However, the flooring is not completed yet. He plans to get it done by the following week. His son helps out in the construction. Both husband and wife will stay in the shelter. The land belongs to his employer.

Unit 2, 3, 4 (S 0°58.494, E 119° 54.339). These 3 units are in the same area.

Unit 2 belongs Amos Lai. He had used the material donated by CREST to rebuild the former gerai area. The shelter has 2 portions, the front to be used as kedai runcit and the back as a bedroom. There are all together 5 occupants.

Unit 3 belongs to Desmon. 4 occupants. Husband and wife with 2 children. The shelter does not have a toilet and they use the nearby river.

Unit 4 belongs Hendrik. 2 occupants. They feel comfortable staying in the shelter. The 2 adult children stay in the shelter while the parents stay in the existing house.


Unit 5 (S 0°58.304, E 119°54.27) belongs to Ansafion Iga. 4 Occupants. Using water from the well. They had built their own kitchen and toilet.

Unit 6 (S 0°58.636, E 119°54.442) belongs to a widow named Mena who is a grandmother. 5 occupants: grandmother, father, mother and 2 children. The father and mother are working in a pig farm.

Unit 7 (S 0° 58.284, E 119° 54.27) belongs to N. Tumakaka. 3 occupants.

Unit 8 (S 0°58.249, E 119° 54.374) belongs to Alfianus. 2 occupants.

Unit 9 (next to unit 8) belongs to Asep, the brother of Alfianus. 4 occupants.  He harvests coconut for a living. He can harvest an average of 30 to 50 coconut trees a day and receives a payment of Rp 5,000 per tree.

Location: Kulawi – Boladangko, Sungku, Lonca (3 Dusun)
Transitional Shelter: 250 units
Status: Phase 1

Initially, it was proposed to build the transitional in Balaiesang. However, our local partner had changed the location due to:-

  • Habitat for Humanity, another NGO in Indonesia had started to build transitional shelters in the same location without prior announcement at the cluster meeting for Shelter.
  • There are more needs in Kulawi, the condition in Kulawi is worse than Balaisang.
  • Kulawi has a need for 550 transitional shelters.
  • Majority of the houses are totally damaged due to liquefaction.

CREST has expressed to the local partners our donor’s concern to be given advanced notice of any changes to the original plans.

Support was also given to 38 churches in Kulawi but not for the parsonage. One pastorage is budgeted at Rp 40,000,000 or RM12,000.

2019id003 Unit 1 (S 1° 26.503, E 119° 58.104). Belongs to old widow with 3 occupants. She will stay in this shelter after moving in her kitchen utensils. She lost her son and daughter-in-law in the earthquake.

Unit 2 (S 1°26.22, E 119°59.169) belongs to Thomas and Anwuar. 2 families stay in this shelter. They have been staying there for 2 nights. They will save some money to cement the floor.

The shelter was completed within a month. The family members felt safer staying in this transitional shelter. They managed to salvage some furniture from their previous house that had collapsed.

Unit 3 (S 1°27.019, E 119° 59.104) only the frame has been completed.

Unit 4 (S 1°26.472, E 119° 59.104) belongs to Ronny Tohama, Kepala Desa (community leader) in Boladangko.

There are 170 families in Boladangko living in 149 houses. All the houses are not safe to stay in because of total damage.

Source of Income in this Dusun:-

Majority are farmers: they harvest cocoa, rear chicken and ducks and plant rice to sell for income. 20% of their crops were damaged.

Temporary schools have been set up and the residents are waiting for the government to construct a permanent school building.

Community Hall is needed:-

Rp 70 million with ceramic floor.

Rp 65 million with cement floor.


Unit 3 – Volunteers helping to put up the wooden wall.


Unit 4 – Belongs to the Head of Community


1. Livelihood – Pig Farming

Location: Jono Oge, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Recommendations:  Before the earthquake, the main economic activity in this area is pig farming. We saw both small and big pig farms that had been damaged. A minimum of RM 100,000 is required to restore the facilities and to restart the livelihood for the farmers.

2. Livelihood – Argriculture

Location: Boladangko, Kulawi, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Recommendations: The current economic activity here is growing vanilla and coffee. 1 kg of raw and dried vanilla pods sells at Rp. 600,000 and Rp. 3,500,000 respectively. From time to time, the middle man from Palu comes to collect the produce which is then sent to Bali. Our local partner will look into possible community project to increase the output of vanilla pods to sell directly to buyers in Bali.

Submitted by CK Cheong
Date: 15-Feb-2019

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