Dr Yoong Sao Chin

Dr Yoong Sao Chin

Monday, 11 February 2019 17:31



In July 2018, heavy rains and debris brought from the hills breached the hydro-electric power dam of two rivers, Xe Pian- Xe Namnoy. This resulted in flash floods which swept away thirteen villages leaving thousands homeless in Sanamxai district.

The first CREST team led by CK supplied essential commodities to affected communities in Sanamxai, Attapeu province. After some deliberation we felt that income generation or sustainable programs will be more impactful to these communities who had lost everything and were being housed temporarily in shelters erected by the Laos government.


To continue support of the Early Child Development Centres ECDC in Irrawaddy delta, Myanmar.


1. Assessment of the villages The Gone and Ka Na So Chaung (KNSC) around Laputta area.

2. Assist the Canning Garden Baptist Church (CGBC) Kings Kids Church (KKC) to train eighty teachers of the ECDCs from fifty centres in Pathein.

3. Promote the OM ministries B4T Business Enterprise program by visit to Kwin Yar Phu Village outside Pathein.


CREST first team responded from 14 to 20 June 2017 through the delivery of food and school kits during the emergency phase. The scourge of dengue and the occurrence of floods are perennial issues. The recommendations of the first respondent were to counter the post flood Dengue crisis. The current number of Dengue cases has exceeded 100,000 with 300 deaths.

In response CREST had send a team of two members arriving in Colombo on 14 till 19 July 2017. Following the feedback of the previous respondent CK, we were keen to adopt a strategy which will help stem the problem of this dengue epidemic in two designated villages.