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Friday, 10 March 2017 15:17

2017 KELANTAN & PAHANG FOLLOW UP (27 - 3 MAR) Featured

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24 December, 2014 as Monson session in East Malaysia, heavy rains were non-stop in the area of Peninsular Malaysia and causes 5 states went into disaster emergency respond. During our relief operation, CREST has establish network with the local community. In Kelantan, Kota Bharu, Guchil Kuala Krai and Manek Urai Kuala Krai. In Pahang, Kampong Telang.


1. Kota Bharu – Public flood awareness sharing invited by Kelantan Chinese Chamber of Commerce (KCCC).

2. Guchil, Kuala Krai – Delivery of 3 x 15ft boats, 18 life jackets, 6 paddles and 3 ropes.

3. Manek Urai, Kuala Krai – Delivery of 1 x 15ft boats, 2 paddles, 1 ropes (Sponsored by IDRN KB), 20 life jackets, 5 first aid kits with Mopiko by CREST.

4. Assessment for Kampong Telang, Pahang due to recent flood from 25 – 29 Jan 2017.

Transportation cost (RM 1,400) for 4 boats are sponsored by Infinity Logistics and Transport Sdn Bhd under their Corporate Social Responsibility project.

Team Member

CK Cheong

Travel Events

27 Feb, 1400 - Travel from Subang Jaya to Kota Bharu.

2130 - Arrived at Crystal Lodge, Kota Bharu, meeting with Raymond Wong.

28 Feb, 1100 - Meeting with Pr. Henderson, Steven Yong and Raymond Wong.

1230 - Meeting and lunch with Mr Yap, President of KCCC and Raymond Wong.

1400 - Picked up Dawn Tan from Pen House & visit the KCCC hall.

1500 - Meeting and preparation at Raymond’s office.

1600 - Rest at Crystal Lodge

1800 - Light dinner nearby KCCC premises.

2015 - Event start, attendances more than 100 persons.

2145 - Event ended.

1 Mar, 0530 - Wake up and pick up Dawn, depart Kota Bharu at 0610 to Manek Urai.

0815 - Transporters from Infinity and we have arrived at Balai Polis Manek Urai.

0820 - Unloading boat, 2 x paddles, 20 x life jackets, 5 x first aids boxes and 1 rope.

0900 - Depart from Manek Urai to Guchil.

1000 - Unloading 3 x boats, 6 x paddles and 18 x life jackets.

1100 - Depart from Guchil to Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

1500 - Arrived at CentrePoint Kuala Lipis.

2 Mar, 0900 - Meeting with Bob & Melissa Seong during breakfast.

0945 - Waiting for Ketua Kampung Tok Empat at Centre Point.

1015 - Arrived at Sek. Kebangsaan Kuala Telang N4° 14.841’ E101° 57.140’

1145 - Departed from School and visit Kampung Telang with Tok Empat.

1300 - Returned to Hotel.

2000 - Dinner with Bob and Melissa Seong.

3 Mar, 0900 - Return home.


1. Awareness – Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

Organiser: Kelantan Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Location: 2, Jalan Kebun Sultan, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Person in Charge: Raymond Wong
Contact Number: +60 19 980xxxx


Topic: Working Together in Crisis
Langague: Mandarin
Attendance: 100+

Sub Topic:
1. Understand Disaster
2. Family Plan
3. Responding Disaster and Cooperation
4. Be part of Disaster Respond


2. Boats Delivery – Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

Background: Assessment and meeting report refer to 11-14 Dec 2016.

Location: Kg Manek Urai Lama, Manek Urai, Kelantan
Person in Charge: Sergeant Major Mohd Zainuddin Bin Mat Jali
Contact Number: +60 12 341 xxxx

Location: Kampung Guchil, Kuala Krai, Kelantan
Person in Charge: Shaari Che Wil
Contact Number: +60 17 958 xxxx

2017my006 2017my007

Location: Balai Polis Manek Urai

Receive on behalf: En. Mohd Zamri

1. 1 x 15ft fiberglass boat with 2 paddles from IDRN Kota Bharu.
2. 20 x life jackets.
3. Rope
4. 5 x first aid kits with Mopiko.

Location: Guchil 4, Kuala Krai.

Received by: Hashim Yaacob, Ismail Abdullah, and Shaari Che Wil

Items: 3 x 15ft fiberglass boat each boat come with 2 paddles and 6 life jackets.

Boat possitioning: please refer to MoU at appendix A.


3. Assessment – Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang.

Location: Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang.
GPS: N4° 14.841’ E101° 57.140’
Person in Charge: Tok Empat
Contact Number: +60 11 1783 xxxx

Background: Since 2014 during the east coast flood, CREST has working closely with Kampung Telang. Besides sending relief items, we have there for years to support the local on rebuilding, development and risk reduction.

During 25-29 Jan 2017, the heavy rain fall at Kg. Telang has overflow Sg. Jelai and Sg. Telang, following developed a 4ft-high water, affected 49 out of 69 household.

Update: Requested by Guru Besar – En. Zulkurnain bin Abdul Samah @ Mohamad Nazim, Sek Kebangsaan Kuala Telang with 57 students, 13 teachers and 9 workers. 2 additional emergency rafts (rakit penyelamat) for valuable items from the school to be preposition before the flood. Besides, they also request for a fiberglass boat without engine to be position at the school.

2017my008 2017my009 2017my010
Water level during Jan 2017 flood Existing Raft at School Assessment with the Guru Besar and Ketua Kampung


Tok Empat has explain the previous 10 rafts require enforcement by 5 x iron rod for flooring (previously using wood). Besides the school, the residents are required additional 9 rafts to be position at designated locations within Kampung Telang.

Tok Empat has provided previous project costing as below:-








Tong Drum (Jenis Plastik) – 9 buah

Besi Bingkai (Frame) Jenis L 2”x2”x20” – 8 batang

Beluti 2”x3”20” – 4 batang

Papan Lantai – 8 keping

Skru 4” – 4 Kilogrom

Tali – 1 gulung







  Jumlah Besar 1,384.00



Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang Total

Sek. Kebangsaan Kuala Telang
-  2 x Rafts
-  Boat (Not recommended at this time due to transport cost for 1 boat is expensive

RM 3,000


9 rafts x Kampung Telang

5 x iron rods per raft for existing rafts (total 0f 10 rafts)

RM 13,500

RM 3,000

TOTAL RM 19,500.00


Submitted by CK Cheong
Date: 10-Mar-2017

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