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Sunday, 24 May 2020 14:44

Yayasan Papua Kasih

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This short report will give you details on how your donation of Indonesia Rupiahs Rp 35.585.000 was put to good use in helping during our COVID pandemic efforts here in Indonesia.

One of our focuses was to help supply PPE equipment for our medical partners. Especially in the city of Surabaya, we were able to help 3 local hospitals in need and 1 at the Mojokerto Hospital with 100 units of Hazmat clothing  -  Rp 100.000 @ 100 pieces = Rp 10.000.000

Saturday, 23 May 2020 09:55

Sekolah Relawan

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Program Implementation Report

Bantuan Alat Pelindung Diri untuk Tim Medis (Provide medical protection equiments for medical frontliners)

1. Rumah Sakit Vitalaya Pamulang (Vitalaya Hospital, Pamulang)

covid id 009  10 pcs x Hazarmat Suit
 50 pairs x Nitrile Handscoen  
 4 pcs x Faceshield  
 20 pairs x Disposable Shoe Cover
Sunday, 10 May 2020 21:35

Yayasan Saluran Internasional

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COVID-19 Response - Aceh Province, Sumatra- Indonesia
April 6,2020 - May 6,2020

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) an infectious disease has arrived in Indonesia. At the time of writing this update, there have been several cases and deaths from corona virus. They are slowly increasing day by day. This has led to, like many parts of the world, a LOCKDOWN specifically here in Aceh, Province of Indonesia. Many people are affected especially the Christian minority who are depending on daily paid basis and not also receiving help from the local government. Sharia Law is implemented here and some of the people in this province are blaming the foreigners for spreading the virus.