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Monday, 11 June 2018 11:12

2018-05 Newsletter

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1. Message from Executive Director.

May 2018, is a remarkable month for all Malaysians. After the 61 years ruling under the same government, Malaysia is starting a new chapter under the elected government. Personally, I have witnessed the power of one vote and the desire of Malaysian returned home to cast this vote.

2 days after the general election, I have travelled to Singapore to conduct a 1 day disaster preparedness training in partnership with Touch International. Alongside with my trip, many of our friends in Singapore asked me about the election result and they are really impressed with what the Malaysians have done. I give thanks to the Lord for He has granted peace to us despite of changing government and to all Malaysians, you have made this country proud again!

2. Disaster Preparedness & Response Training

2018-05-News001 This is my second time conducting training in Singapore together with Touch International (TI). Since April 2015, TI is actively involve in Nepal Earthquake till now. In April 2018, a team of volunteers have been send to Nepal to assist in post-earthquake rebuilding project.
Once again, we would like to thank Methodist Crisis Relief and Development (MCRD), committed in disaster relief work. CREST has invited by MCRD to conduct training in Sitiawan, Perak and they are 20 of our brothers and sisters have completed the course over two weekends. 2018-05-News002

3. Post Penang Flood

On 21st May 2018, SJK Chung Hwa 3, Perai received a donation of 100 sets of students tables and chairs. The school was affected by the Penang Flood in Nov 2017 and many of their wooden furniture were badly damaged. The new tables and chairs for the students are made of plastic and will be able to withstand any future floods. Besides this donation from CREST, the school had also done their own fundraising to replace the much needed furniture. SJK Chung Hwa 3 Perai is grateful for the donations.

In our initial assessment of the flooded community, Taman Senangin, the school was identified as the optimal location for distribution of 400 wardrobes due to ease of accessibility and space.

2018-05-News003 2018-05-News004

Mdm. Ng Meng Yau, the school headmistress had graciously allowed CREST to use the facilities and we wish to acknowledge our thanks and appreciation to her and her staff.

In Him We Serve,
CK Cheong
Executive Director

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