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Friday, 06 July 2018 12:05

2018-06 Newsletter

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1. Post Haiyan, Livehood & CBDRRM Workshop @ Iloilo, Philippines

In February 2018, CREST signed an agreement with Asia Pacific Baptist Aid Philippines to provide capital assistance to existing livelihood and income-generating projects in 3 villages in Panay Island. On 10-19 June, CREST went to project sites for evaluation and to conduct a workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management for the community leaders.

Our hosts also invited the Department of the Interior and Local Government to share on the disaster management system in the Philippines and the Department of Social Welfare & Development to share on human trafficking in disasters.

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CPBC Headquarters at Fajardo St, Jaro, Iloilo City. (L to R) Edward Tan, Olivia Chan, Feraz Legita (APBAid), Henna Caipang (CPBC). (Seated) Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso (General Secretary, CPBC). CBDRRM Workshop. Participants are church leaders from Panay, Negros and Leyte. The objective of the workshop is to equip them to work with their local community to be better prepared and be more resilient for future disasters.

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Cawayan, Carles. Beneficiaries of the livelihood project prepared a sumptuous lunch with the fruits of their labor: fruits and vegetables from home gardens; shrimp, shellfish, crabs and fish from the ponds. They take a loan from the revolving fund to keep their farms running in order to generate income.

Bobog, Ajuy. Church members who are beneficiaries gave a portion of their earnings to repair the wall which was damaged by the strong winds brought by T. Haiyan. Most of them are small tenant farmers raising pigs and “native chickens”. They also tend ponds which produce shrimp, shellfish, oysters, crabs and fish.

2. Joint Mission Trip to Gerik, Perak.

On 24-25 June 2018, CREST sent a small team to Kampung Tebang Lama and Kampung Chuweh, Gerik together with Hospital Lam Wah Ee (HLWE) Volunteers, Penang. Our role is to conduct assessment focusing on community development.

HLWE Volunteers have been serving these communities by providing free medical care and health screening.

During the trip, one of the volunteers slipped and injured his leg. With the help from the villagers, we managed to make a stretcher from tree branches and plastic bags.

CREST is in discussion with HLWE Volunteers for further collaboration in our future projects.


In Him We Serve,
CK Cheong
Executive Director

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