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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 15:33

2017-02 Newsletter

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1 Message From CK Cheong

How have you been doing this far as the Executive Director of CREST? This question was asked by Lana Wong, who had served in the same position the 10 years before me. Her question left me speechless and my mind just went blank. I shook my head and answered that without God’s grace and mercy, I would never have been in this position to serve Him. Never, never and never…

In answering this simple question, I am counting my cost to follow Jesus. In fact, we are all doing the same thing, only in different ways. We shall not give up no matter what challenges and obstacles lie ahead of us. I give thanks to God for He has enabled and provided for us to serve the nations in Crisis.

2 Post Myanmar Cyclone Report

CREST has continued to be actively involved in maintaining Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC) in the Irrawaddy Delta after the initial emergency response to Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Together with Malaysian donors, we have built 15 ECDCs.

Irrawaddy, Myanmar: 07-16 February 2017. A 4-member team from Canning Garden Baptist Church, Ipoh and CREST Staff led by Dr. Yoong Sao Chin, CREST Director were on this trip. We give thanks to God and to you for praying with us for their safety and for the fruitful trip.

2017 02 News001

Nutrition: Supplementary feeding entails extra supplement of egg/lentil/milk per week in 6 centers. Cost involves US$ 1 or 2 depending on the degree of malnutrition estimated by SMART ENA software.

Education: Teachers are encouraged to remain in villages to teach with an honorarium of US$ 85 per year for academic year June 2017 to March 2018. 

Water: One water storage tank for rainwater harvesting is to be constructed in Shwe Pi Aye village and another 500 gallon water tank in Htein Ka Lar with cracked concrete base ring to be rehabilitated.

Renovations: The centers are to be painted, floor and rails repaired, playground equipment to be painted with bright colors and general safety of children facilities be enhanced.

Medicines: Micro-nutrients, calcium, ferrous sulphate, folic acid and other health supplements were distributed to vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant and lactating women. In addition nail clippers, washing soaps, towels and stationary sets were distributed to communities.

2017 02 News002 2017 02 News003

Love gifts: These were cash gifts given to the villages which provided food and shelter. Additional cash incentives were given through KBC to Ms Htee, ECDC Manager and Ms Moo Moo, ECDC Coordinator who accompanied us on the trip.

Team expenses: These constitute expenses incurred by the team travelling by boat, van, motorcycle, food and drinks and accommodation.

3 Prayer Requests

3.1 Mission Trip, Post Typhoon, Philippines (end April).

CREST is planning a 7 days follow up visit to the Philippines. We are looking for a small team of volunteers to join us during this trip. If you want to experience Post Disaster mission trip, you may directly email your name and contacts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3.2 Basic Wilderness Search & Rescue Survival Camp Raub (17-18 March).

Pray for the safety of the participants in this camp. This is the first time CREST has conducted a practical and outdoor training. The objectives of this camp are:
a. That the participants learn to survive without modern facilities (when disaster happens)
b. That participants learn how to conduct a search and rescue operation in remote locations (when is relief needed)

In Him We Serve,
CK Cheong
Executive Director

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