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Thursday, 14 December 2017 17:45

2017-11 Newsletter

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1 Penang Flood Response, Malaysia.

2017 11 News001

On behalf of CREST, I would like to thank our partners (HISTeam, Methodist Crisis Relief & Development), donors and volunteers for your faithful support towards our response in Penang. Most importantly, CREST staff had worked long hours and overtime during the response.

Our recovery work in Penang will continue until Christmas. If you wish to be involved, please follow our Facebook Group (CREST Malaysia) where requests will be posted. If you wish to know more about our work in Penang, kindly visit our website www.crestmjalaysia.org.

After the recovery work, we will promote disaster awareness through our training program with the local churches from next year onward. 2 local churches have already offered to be the host.

Lesson learned: social media/Whatsapp is the main communication tool and we need to be cautious when using it. During the cleaning operation, I had to send updates every night and experienced some communication problems. We will continue to improve our shortfalls.

Many volunteers came in response to our requests made via Whatsapp. A group of volunteers from Subang Jaya had the message forwarded 7 times by various people before it reached them. I may not know them by name but my thanks and appreciation goes to those who had faithfully forwarded our requests.

The monsoon season has already commenced in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. We will not be preparing for Christmas celebrations only, but also for response to the call of the poor and needy. May they see light and hope in the darkness through us. Isn’t this the true meaning of Christmas?

In Him We Serve,
CK Cheong
Executive Director

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