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CK and Olivia met with Ms Feraz Legita, Deputy Director of APBAid[1]/APBF[2] Philippines Sub-office on 30 April 2017 to discuss possibility of partnership in post Typhoon Haiyan recovery. In February 2018, an agreement was signed by both parties for CREST to provide capital assistance to existing livelihood and income-generating projects in 3 villages in Panay Island and for training in disaster risk reduction and management to key persons of CPBC[3]

1. To conduct workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management to key persons of CPBC

2. To visit beneficiaries at project sites.

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Background: Since 2014 during the east coast flood, CREST has working closely with Kampung Kuala Telang. Besides sending relief items, we have there for years to support the local on rebuilding, development and risk reduction. During 25-29 Jan 2017, the heavy rain fall at Kg. Telang has overflow Sg. Jelai and Sg. Telang, following developed a 4ft-high water, affected 49 out of 69 household.

Before the 2017 flood, CREST and the local community has built 9 rafts for flood emergency to keep safe their valuable items from the flood water. All rafts are functioning during the 2017 flood.


1.      To build eight floating rafts for the villagers, two for the Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Telang and one for the community hall.

2.      To bring a group of eight volunteers to work together (build rafts) with the local villagers.

3.      To have fellowship with Bob and Melissa Seong for preparedness training @ Kuala Lipis.

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